Al-Aqsa University Journal is issued by the Deanship of Scientific Research at Al-Aqsa University - Palestine.

The first four volumes were issued under the name of the Journal of the College of Education, then the name was changed to the Journal of Al-Aqsa University in the fifth volume, which was issued in January 2001, and included research in the humanities, natural and applied sciences.

Starting with the eighth volume in 2004, the magazine was separated into the Journal of Al-Aqsa University - the Journal of Human Sciences and the Journal of Al-Aqsa University - the Journal of Natural Sciences.

International Standard No. Al-Aqsa University Journal - Journal of Natural Sciences ( ISSN 2070-3155 (Print), ISSN 2521-893X (Online)

Arab Impact Factor Journal of Al-Aqsa University - Journal of Natural Sciences 2017  (AIF) 2,1

Vol. 25 No. 01 (2023): Al-Aqsa University Journal (Natural Sciences Series) Vol25, Issue 01, 2023

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